Artist Statement: Ruby Tuesday Lindell

Making art gives me a sense of accomplishment and integrity.  My passion is to create colorful and dynamic works for others emphasizing an appreciation for life.

Most of my work consists of people and patterns.  I see myself in the figures that I paint and feel like I know something about them through my processes.  The act of molding something out of clay is therapeutic, and fulfills some desire within me.  Visual impact of my work is important as I obsess over detail and use color very strategically.

To me, patterns are like dances.  They set the mood of the piece, and are a connection between the ethereal and the physical.  I often modernize the ornate decoration from Victorian style cameos and music boxes in my own work.  Textures come inevitably, and are married with pattern and shape.  Some aspects of clothing volume, such as pleats, tucks, and gathers, are often mimicked in my ceramic work.  It gives me another dimension to relate to in my art.

I often gain inspiration from Chuck Close and Ron Mueck for the presence of their figurative work in a space.  Close’s abstract use of color to create such realistic images astounds me.  The scale of Mueck’s silicone figures, whether the size of a room or half the size of a person, is truly impressive.  When coming up with new ideas, I use scale, weight, and color to my advantage.  Working on a small scale intrigues me, but being able to utilize that same sensibility on a larger scale is even more exciting.

Throughout my life of producing art, I continually strive to learn from my audience.  I observe and take in how people react to my work and let that guide my future creations.  Boundaries generally do not exist for me, as I constantly feel as though I have only just scratched the surface of my artistic potential.


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